Employee Relations

On average, we spend a third of our life at work. That’s a lot of time to spend with your coworkers. Workplace conflict is a very unique situation that arises between coworkers, departments and locations for a variety of reasons. While workplace conflict is not necessarily negative (it can lead to differing opinions, creative solutions and people coming up with new and innovative ways to approach situations), the road to success is not as clearly laid out as the yellow-brick road. Guidance or assistance through workplace conflict is often the leverage an organization needs to be successful.

We offer your organization the opportunity to engage in large or small group workshops to build sustainable solutions to overcome whatever obstacles you’re facing.

The way in which organizational change is approached, from staffing to policy or procedural changes, can have incredibly detrimental impacts on your institution if not approached properly. Therefore we offer additional consultation services when working through change management situations. Our solutions typically approach these areas with a more hands-off approach, as we want the leaders of your organization to stay at the helm while undergoing change. We see our solutions as an extra set of lungs, helping to keep the sails billowing while you steer the ship.



We understand that a lot of the work starts after our sessions; that’s why our consultation, workshops and coaching include follow-ups and/or post-workshop surveys. This helps gauge how the tools are being implemented to utilize in ongoing sessions, one-on-one meetings and other opportunities.


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