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We are focused on three main consulting areas: Employee Relations, Project Management and Philanthropy. We work with you to create a personalized solution to meet your unique needs which directly translates to the questions you are looking to solve. Our strong consultancy background allows us to be flexible and create a solution that is right for you.

Our Approach

We strive to work with organizations that have questions and need answers.

Our dynamic approach examines the questions and situations that you are facing in your workplace every day and opens up the conversation through workshops, one-on-one and group coaching, employee engagement and strategic long-term planning. We achieve success through our flexible and hands-on approach, which ensures that what we are implementing will be carried through once we depart.

Every client is a partnership to us; an honest and trusting connection for us to maintain well after we perform our consultation. We aim to build long-term relationships where you feel comfortable to talk to us at any time about what is working and what’s not. Our goal is to provide solutions to you today and in the future.

About the Founder

Emily Shandruk is a Sessional Instructor in the Faculty of Business Administration at Lakehead University, focusing on Conflict Management and Negotiation. Emily was raised in Thunder Bay and has an Undergraduate Degree from the University of Manitoba in Criminology and a Masters of Arts Degree in Conflict Management with a specialization in Organizational Development.

Her career has taken her across Canada, working in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Toronto and spanned several different types of organizations, the non-profit and for-profit, where philanthropy, conflict management and employee relations were the main focus for her work.

Emily is a member of the Board with Precious Bundles Children’s Clothing Assistance Program in Thunder Bay and supports many other non-profit organizations through volunteering in and around her community.


Managing people is not easy; they’re not computers where you can program the desired outcome or fix a bug with new code. Rather, people are passionate, driven and can change the world in a way that no other being is capable of. That is why I’m dedicated to helping people overcome workplace conflict, work through organizational change and assist you to achieve your goals. Whether it’s working through difficult conversations, improving employee engagement, implementing a new policy or procedure or raising a million dollars, I have the experience and the desire to provide the solution to whatever question you’re asking.

Emily Shandruk

"Emily is an extremely personable and outgoing manager who excels at everything from directing large-scale events to making a strong connection during one-on-one meetings with participants or donors."

Pamela Clarke - CBI Communications Inc.


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